This past weekend I heard the first claps of thunder and thought “YES! Spring is finally here”!  Then I looked around and sighed at the numerous little piles that have collected.  Yes, even the organizer has piles of stashed items swept from table tops as company comes.

This time of year reminds me of my mother and spring cleaning.  Everyone in the family had an assigned task.  We cleaned out the cupboards and fridge, washed the windows and went through our closets and dresser drawers tidying and sorting.  It was a dreaded time, yet the house felt so much nicer afterwards.  Our home looked brighter and smelled so clean.  Everything had a place.  We found forgotten toys and finally had space to play with them again.  It was a wonderful reward for a job well done.

April also reminds me of spring break up.  The joy of the river flowing free from the backlog of ice.   New life, renewed energy, vibrant colours and sounds stirring new energy within and without. May I encourage you to look around your home this month and create your own new energy.  Turn on the music, set the timer for an hour and get at that winter clutter jam.

To leave you with a quote…”joy of less is about clearing way to have more of what you love, doing more of what inspires you” (Brooke Burke-Charvet in Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Joy of Less)

FREE your energy; de-clutter your space

Until next time…

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