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Hi there! I know first-hand the emotional roller coaster any transition and change of space can have and I’ve created a system that is gentle yet effective in helping people reach their goals. This blog contains resources, tips and information on how you can implement some of the services that I offer into your own home (or a loved ones).

You don’t have to take my word for it, check out the praise from from of my clients:

Collette was so helpful, quick, sensitive and organized everything so well in helping me downsize and get ready for a garage sale.


Dear Collette, I can’t tell you enough what a difference having an organized house is making in my life. It’s like a fresh start! I don’t need to “work up the energy” anymore. The energy is flowing unblocked by the mess. It isn’t really something you can appreciate totally until you are out of it. Thank-you! Thank-you!! Thank-you!!!


We just want to thank Collette for all her hard work and for saving our and sanity! Collette helped us deal with our clutter; one of those jobs you say you will get around to doing but never do. The relief after having it all sorted for you and organized was immense. She was professional, polite, wonderfully helpful and respectful of our possessions.

Simon and Heather

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Real Life Success Stories

Family Living Space

Collette assisted a family organize the front area which had become a storage room for everything, into a shared area for their daughter and home office (we forgot to take a before picture).  This room took 5 hours to clean out and the family was left with realistic...

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The Bathroom Fix

This shot demonstrates some of the different types of cabinet storage solutions that are available, for places like bathrooms. You can get different types of containers to manage clutter from toilet paper, to toiletries and hair appliances. Things that take up...

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Furnace Room Freedom

Using the client’s bins were able to organize all the items. We made better use of the existing shelving unit as well.  We were able to move shoes to a new holding system which will allow for further expansion should the client need to store more shoes in this...

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Entrance Way Makeover

This was to help a lady recovery from surgery who needed her front entrance way changed to accommodate her walker. This area took close to 8 hours as several pieces of furniture had to be either tossed as broken, donated and/or moved to another area of the home. There...

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Basement Overhaul

I had the chance to work on my client's basement recently. Using client’s own bins were able to empty 4 Rubbermaid bins of old school papers and books, which gave us bins to organize camping, Halloween, and other items.  As you can see the shred, toss, donate and...

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