Collette holds a Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Care and is a certified Child and Youth Care Counselor in the Province of Alberta. She is known by friends, family, and colleagues for her organizational skills and has over 18 years’ experience helping families find solutions that suit their lives.

“The perk of doing what you enjoy is seeing the genuine smiles on your clients faces when you have met their needs, as it reaffirms that what I am doing is working” – Collette

Collette was inspired to turn her natural skill of organizing into a business when she needed to change the space in her mom’s residence to accommodate a walker after surgery, helped an older friend who was downsizing from her home of 36 years into a retirement facility and helped organize ‘the room’ no one wanted to tackle after a relative suddenly died.

Collette knows first-hand the emotional roller coaster any transition and change of space can have and has created a step-by-step system that is gentle yet effective in helping people reach their goals.


Collette offers step-by-step solutions for reclaiming time and space in the midst of mobility changes, downsizing or general de-cluttering and also assists with property management tasks for peace of mind while you are away.


Through a simple and supportive dialogue, Collette will support you in the process of de-cluttering and create a system to keep you organized.

Core Values:

Collette is known for her professionalism, sensitivity, compassion and integrity in all she does.  In addition she follows the Code of Ethics of Professional Organizers of Canada and the Child and Youth Care Association of Alberta.

Why you need me…

Why does being organized matter?

How much time and money have you wasted because you …

  • couldn’t find something and bought another one
  • purchased storage items or storage space for your stuff
  • moved to a bigger place as your stuff outgrew the space

Imagine the FREEDOM being in control of your space will feel like as everything has a function, a home and a system to keep your place organized.   Not to mention the time and money savings. 

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