The groundhog has advised we have another 6 weeks of winter.  He was correct as the snow is falling.  Now if you are an outdoors person you are likely pretty happy, however, if you are not and you dread another 6 weeks being stuck indoors DO I HAVE A DEAL FOR YOU.

Were YOU able to APPLY any of the tips from January’s blog?  How does your entry area look? Did you sign up on my website to receive even more great ideas?

I would love to hear what has helped you get started, keep motivated and continue to work at your organizing.

February is a month of checking in to see how our goals for January have measured up.  Is the system you set up working?  Are you loving the energy you have freed up by removing the clutter? If you could tackle one more area that is sucking your energy, which room or space would that be?

Let’s set a goal together.  Did I just hear you groan? Or have you skipped to the end of this blog so you don’t have to do this part?  I promise it won’t hurt.  One question…if you could free up 15 minutes a day, what would you do with it?

So …what do you waste the most time doing?  Is it all the piles: clothing, laundry, bills, other mail and email? Organizing the piles will give you at least 15 minutes of your day back?  Impossible you may say.  Not at all.   Let’s go…

Setting goals can seem challenging. There are three secrets to setting successful goals: making them realistic, breaking them into smaller, easily achievable pieces, and knowing when you reach the goalpost. I ask myself “how will I know I have reached my goal? What will be different?”.  I then work backward with that visual in mind.

What will this room look like, feel like when everything has a home and all the piles are gone?  Where do I need to start to make this happen?

When starting a new project in my home or helping a client I set my timer for an hour, try to touch an item only once, and check in with where I am when the timer rings.  To be successful with this hour I have bags or bins ready for items to donate/sell, toss, go in another room and keep.  This helps ensure I am maximizing my time and have notable piles to review closer when I have 15 minutes.

Wondering how this all ties in with how to free up 15 minutes or more?  Creating a functional space where everything has a home will mean you no longer waste time tripping on piles, or moving things to find other items or look for lost treasures.  You will have freed up at least 15 minutes of your time as you will no longer be doing these things.

Imagine the freedom you’ll have when all the rooms in your space are free flowing like this. What will you do with your newly created time?

Let’s get started. Call me today.  FREE the energy: Declutter your space.  Until next time…Collette

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